About Company

Servicing Chennai, VMD's team of architects, interior designers, and contractors focus on custom builds and home restoration. An incredible amount of effort and planning takes place before we ever put hammer to nail. We construct our projects with careful craftsmanship that delivers beauty and exceptional function, so you get the most out of thoughtful designs that will stand the test of time. We want you to love being home.

Why VMD Royal Castles

Our reliable team is dedicated to delivering expertly engineered precast concrete solutions and getting the job done right the first time. If you’re searching for a smart solution to a complex challenge, you’ve come to the right place.

Efficiency and

On every project, time is money. As the plans are developed, we provide value engineering input so you get the most for your money. We also advise the team on material lead times and costs so that alternates may be selected to optimize value. Finally, decades of experience with building inspections helps you save time: we deliver construction that is approval-ready at every stage.

Customized Attention to Detail

We deliver high quality construction for a variety of specialized industries. From bullet proof glass for banks, to custom holding cells for the DEA, we handle all the crucial details.

Scheduling that keeps you Informed:

We develop project schedules that identify all critical milestones, helping you track the progress of your project at a glance. Weekly communications and an accurate project schedule mean you’ll never wonder about the status of your project.


When supplementing our core team, we subcontract only with proven professionals.

Our team

At VMD Royal Castles, the complete satisfaction of our clients is the goal. The critical first link in achieving this goal it to form a team of employees dedicated to the Company's mission of commitment to Quality, Integrity, Service and Value. We have worked hard to instill a desire for quality and service in every member of our company.

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